Power of Positive Thinking 101

Sure, you've heard about the power of positive thinking and maybe even had some success with it. Maybe you consciously tried thinking more positive for a while and it made you feel better but you didn't really get the results you wanted.

Positive thinking is not just some gimmick you try. Positive thinking should be a permanent mindset, a way of life. There is no argument that can made for the benefits of negative thinking.

Optimism versus pessimism. Everyone knows which one is better but why don't we all practice what we know to be true?

Blame it on your self...not yourself, but your self.

Your self is a creation of thoughts over the course of your life. It's your history...it's who you think you are. So even though you know the power of positive thinking is real and should always be chosen over negative thinking, there is a conflict with what is recorded on your mental hard drive. Your innate need to create self muddies your reasoning, reactions and emotions to events in your life.

Reboot! Update your old software. Be determined to always think positive in all situations.

Start by becoming an observer of yourself. Your history is just that, history. It's only who you are by your own choosing. With conscious effort you can choose to think positive and not react based on your old imaginary self.

Take a break and watch this hilarious movie clip; it's all in fun but at the same time it makes a great point. Continue reading below after you stop laughing!

The benefits of positive thinking are profound. You will be happier, healthier and will find it easier to attract an abundance of good things into your life. People will immediately notice the positive change in you.

Here are some ways to make it easier to bring the power of positive thinking into your life:

> Change your environment. If you are sloppy and messy, then clean up. Get rid of the clutter. Open the blinds or drapes and let in the day light. Re-arrange the furniture. Get rid of dark colors on your walls.

> Have better posture - make yourself tall when sitting or standing.

> Feel proud to be you; to be alive!

> Smile more. It is impossible to simultaneously smile and feel bad. Smiling makes you instantly feel better and more positive. As a fun trick, try putting a pencil across your mouth so it touches each corner. This activates the small muscles in your face that creates a smile. How do you feel?

> Eat better.

> Exercise.

> "If you don't have anything positive to say then don't say anything at all." We all heard that before. You probably heard it from your mother or grandmother. Do you do it? Try it for a day, a week or longer. You will be very pleased with the results.

> Don't gossip. Don't put people down. Look for good in everyone.

> Listen better. Truly, sincerely listen when others speak. Keep talking about yourself to a minimum.

> Live in the now. Stop waiting for some event to happen. Forget about the past and don't burden yourself with the unknown future. Live now! Be happy now! Grasp the power of positive thinking now!

The combination of all these things will make positive thinking more natural to you.

Don't forget to be your own watcher. Catch yourself being negative and laugh at the nonsense that it is.

Like all habits, the more you do it the easier and more automatic it becomes. This is re-writing your software; taking control of your mind, rather than vice versa. It is when you realize that you have control over your mind that the power of positive thinking will begin to pay its dividends.

Good Luck, you can do it!

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