About Life Changing Mind Power Who Created It And Why

Why did I start this website about Life Changing Mind Power? I’ve been a practitioner of mind power for as long as I can remember, only I didn’t grasp the true potential of human mind power until a few years ago.

Eisenhower was president when I was born…I’ve been around awhile.  It was my mother who first instilled the idea in my head that you can do anything you set your mind to doing (she frequently told me and my siblings).  I blindly accepted the idea early on but didn’t spend any time considering how or why.  I think I just thought it meant if you worked hard you had a better chance of getting what you wanted.  

It wasn’t until after college that I began to better understand Mom’s words of wisdom.

My degrees in Political Science and Psychology reflect my lifelong interest in human behavior but did little to guide me towards a specific career path.  After college I joked about opening a “political science store”…instead I went where I thought the money was – sales.

My first post-college job as timeshare salesman required mental conditioning for any chance at success in the commission only position.  I’ll never forget the director of sales, John Adamo (very sadly killed by a drunk driver), who inspired me greatly and encouraged reading any sales/how to succeed books I could get my hands on "to get my mind right.

Reading books like Sell Like An Ace, Live Like A King, The Magic of Thinking Big and others motivated me and taught me that sales was 90% frame of mind and what you believed.  I picked up on a common and familiar thread in all the sales/success books I read, namely you can do anything you set your mind to doing.

In short order I went from zero sales in the first two months to top salesperson after six months and was promoted to Assistant Sales Manager.  I finished the year as “Salesperson of the Year.”

I’m not telling you this to boast but rather to make a point about how powerful the mind is and to say when it was I started to comprehend the power of thought and belief (though I still didn’t truly grasp the power I had discovered).  I left the sales job to pursue other interests.

In retrospect, I now know I spent the next twenty years or so doing and accomplishing all those things I thought and dreamed about as a child.  I clearly recall in my youth thinking and believing my future would include owning a restaurant, living in the Caribbean, investing in real estate, and having a wife and two children – one boy, one girl.  It’s amazing to me now that all this stuff and more became my life because a long time ago I planted the thought and belief in my mind that it would…I did what I set my mind to doing!

Had I known sooner what I now know from extensive research and reading I undoubtedly would have accomplished more, sooner.

So, here you go…I started this website about Life Changing Mind Power to share the knowledge and do my small part for humanity.  Learn this stuff and put it to work now!  You don’t get this information in public schools.

Going forward my life mission is to continue to learn and absorb everything I can about Mind Power and the ability we humans have to control our destiny.  This is my forum for making the information available to all who share my curiosity and eagerness to discover our human potential.

This website will grow as I continue to research, learn and discover.  I welcome my visitors to share what you know.  Please use the Contact Me/Comment areas freely and I will review and post those comments that add value to these pages.

These are tough times.  We are all in this together.  Keep your thoughts positive, live in the now, visualize a prosperous future and do your part to change your world and the world around you.

“You can do whatever you set your mind to doing.”

Thank you for visiting and reading about Life Changing Mind Power!


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